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sheltered / покровительствуемый, безбедный
имя прилагательное
sheltered, cushioned, well-off
имя прилагательное
(of a place) protected from bad weather.
the plants need a shady, sheltered spot in the garden
protect or shield from something harmful, especially bad weather.
the hut sheltered him from the cold wind
In contrast, Florence - lush, fertile, and untamed - offers Lucy a taste of life outside her sheltered existence in England.
Cowes owes its fame to its small harbour and to Cowes Roads, the deep and sheltered waters that lead to it.
And if there is an unfavourable wind or swell, there are plenty of worthwhile sheltered sites which are also suitable for novices.
Yes, I led a sheltered life.
The park's principle feature is the sheltered Soper River valley.
I guess in my otherwise sheltered life that would have to be my claim to fame.
The more calcified ones tend to live in sheltered environments or deeper water, especially the more delicate species.
Overnight the winds increased forcing us to dive the sheltered side of the islands for the remainder of the trip.
I think I was sort of sheltered .
For example, Old Squaw move to sheltered lagoons along the Beaufort Sea coast.