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shellfish / моллюск, ракообразное
имя существительное
shellfish, mollusk, clam, mollusc
crustacean, shellfish
имя существительное
an aquatic shelled mollusk (e.g., an oyster or cockle) or a crustacean (e.g., a crab or shrimp), especially one that is edible.
Add any available shellfish or molluscs - abalone, sea snail, Moreton Bay bugs.
High levels of betaine are found in shellfish , spinach, wheat germ and mushrooms.
Gastroenteritis is caused mainly by viruses, such as the rotaviruses commonly found in infected shellfish .
shellfish salad
It's an enormously creative act for a shellfish , don't you think?
The emphasis is on local fish and shellfish while salads, sandwiches and simple pasta dishes make up the rest of the summer menu.
The vertical plane along which we dive is completely smooth and only a few anemones and shellfish have been able to make themselves fast.
And spring, the scientists say, is the time of year the shellfish have their greatest aphrodisiac quality.
Serve hot, spooning the broth, fish and shellfish into large, warm bowls.
My main course, scallops cooked in a tomato sauce, looked marvellous, but the sauce was far too rich for the delicate shellfish .
Eat plenty of zinc - that means oysters or other shellfish , pecans, or even pumpkin seeds.