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shekel / шекель, сикель, богатство
имя существительное
wealth, riches, richness, rich, fortune, shekel
имя существительное
the basic monetary unit of modern Israel, equal to 100 agorot.
This takes time, effort and a not inconsiderable number of dollars, pounds, baht or shekels .
Growth has ground to a halt, unemployment has shot up, and the shekel has dropped in value.
I was about to give her a shekel when something about her expression made me look again, and my hand hesitated in embarrassment.
On the downside, the Thai baht dipped 0.8%, the Israeli shekel 0.5%, and the Hungarian forint 0.5%.
The shekel is the measure of money; bargaining is the prototype of all other exchange.
The minimum that one can give to fulfill this commandment is one-third of a shekel per year.
The injection of additional dollars would only fuel further Israeli inflation, and push the shekel toward serious devaluation.
Foreign investment has fallen by two thirds and revenues from tourism have halved, undermining Israel's currency, the shekel .
This week, British pound trades to a five-week high against the dollar; the Swedish krona trades to a three-year high; the South African rand to a 2 ½ year high; the Israeli shekel to a 15-month high.
After three years of little or no inflation, consumer prices increased by 6.3 percent in the first six months of the year on the back of a sharp depreciation of the shekel .
A shekel buys 15 minutes of game time.