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sheeting / защитное покрытие, листование, простынное полотно
имя существительное
защитное покрытие
sheeting, protective covering
простынное полотно
имя существительное
material formed into or used as a sheet.
a window covered with plastic sheeting
cover with or wrap in a sheet or sheets.
we sheeted a narrow bed
(of rain) fall in large quantities.
rain sheeted down
make a sail more or less taut.
The tiller goes down, the sails are sheeted in flat and tight, the boat heels into the wind and we to turn to hammer over the line a couple of seconds afterwards, safe and in the lead.
It was covered with cardboard and plastic sheeting .
Most of the refugees lived in stick tents covered with plastic sheeting .
Detainees lived in huts, erected in the middle of a former sporting ground, made of corrugated iron, plastic sheeting and shade cloth on dirt floors.
a window covered with plastic sheeting
The black plastic sheeting was coming up in places (exposing the nice, mostly weed free soil) and so we had to weight it down to stop the light getting in and the weeds growing again.
Many squatters pulled down their own houses to save building materials like plywood and plastic sheeting , but many others stood by while their houses were destroyed by bulldozers.
We cover the ground with newspapers or plastic sheeting , and then spray-paint the paper through stencils or over found objects.
The black plastic sheeting was to cover the horse for one week before being carefully removed.
The Swedish-designed defences, which consist of a barrier made of wood and reinforced plastic sheeting , were erected last year.
To cover chandeliers or other fixtures that you cannot or do not want to remove, cut plastic sheeting to the appropriate size, wrap the fixture and tape it securely.