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sheet / лист, листок, слой
имя существительное
sheet, leaf, plate, folio, blade
sheet, leaflet, slip, rag, folium
layer, bed, coat, stratum, sheet, ply
sheet, bedsheet
table, spreadsheet, chart, sheet, map, array
имя прилагательное
sheet, leaf, leafy, rolled, laminated
cover, coat, spread, case, shield, sheet
покрывать простыней
покрывать листами
выбирать шкоты
имя существительное
a large rectangular piece of cotton or other fabric, used on a bed to cover the mattress and as a layer beneath blankets when these are used.
Sleeping blankets and covers, sheets and quilts have been made - with the children's assistance.
a rectangular piece of paper, especially one of a standard size produced commercially and used for writing and printing on.
a sheet of unmarked paper
an extensive unbroken surface area of something.
a sheet of ice
a rope attached to the lower corner of a sail for securing or extending the sail or for altering its direction.
Soon all three of us have got the hang of tacking, pulling in and letting out the sheets (the ropes attached to the sails) and steering.
the space at the bow or stern of an open boat.
cover with or wrap in a sheet or sheets.
we sheeted a narrow bed
(of rain) fall in large quantities.
rain sheeted down
make a sail more or less taut.
The tiller goes down, the sails are sheeted in flat and tight, the boat heels into the wind and we to turn to hammer over the line a couple of seconds afterwards, safe and in the lead.
Once I slid the robe onto him, he lay back, and I covered him with a sheet and a light blanket.
Turn into the wind and let out the sheet to allow the sail to go slack.
lorry drivers don't sheet their loads
ice sheet
We were in the lobby of the building; the sheet glass handrails along the central staircase all wavered back and forth throughout the quake.
plastic sheet
The film's title is a reference to the sheet of nine rare postage stamps, which they see as their ticket to the top.
Cover this with a sheet of plastic the size of the slice of bread.
Loch Affric is a lovely sheet of water among trees
a sheet of stamps