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sheepskin / овчина, овечья шкура, баранья шкура
имя существительное
sheepskin, lambskin, sheep, budge
овечья шкура
sheepskin, sheep
баранья шкура
sheep, sheepskin
имя существительное
a sheep's skin with the wool on, especially when made into a garment or rug.
a sheepskin coat
The crib should be empty, with no blankets, pillows, soft materials, stuffed toys, sheepskin , or comforters.
The finishing of the leather began with applications of traditionally Cod oil being applied and rubbed in with a thick wad of sheepskin .
There was none of the vintage denim, leather or sheepskin which have popular throughout the week, but Hamilton's collection offers feminine, wearable and desirable clothes in gorgeous colours.
Shrouded in a sheet of transparent plastic to keep off the wind and trap the warmth of his breath, he sat on his wooden tackle box wrapped in furs and sheepskin as the temperature hovered around minus 15C.
Heeled clogs were lined with sheepskin while knee-high boots with a six-inch wooden heel were patterned with metal studs.
Besides which, she concedes, because of the damp climate, sheepskin wouldn't be very practical here.
They wore matching ‘bomber’ style jackets and black sheepskin pants.
a sheepskin coat
Faux fur is everywhere for autumn, nestling comfortably alongside leather, suede and sheepskin on the rails.
True, they get pretty chilly if the fire goes out, but wrapped in a double duvet and lying on your own personal sheepskin , you'll be impervious to the cold.