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sheepdog / овчарка
имя существительное
shepherd, sheep-dog
имя существительное
a dog trained to guard and herd sheep.
On their last morning, the birds are herded by sheepdogs into a darkened ‘starving pen’ - and from there, they are attracted by the light into boxes with a hatch into the slaughter room.
Keen as a young sheepdog on a winter morning, this is the sort of wine that oyster lovers yearn for.
In this way it functions like a sheepdog herding its flock, always watching over and controlling the whole.
While she's not a fully trained sheepdog by any stretch of the imagination, she has had a bit of training and the instinct of her breeding and, kept on the lead, was ably darting from side to side yelping the sheep forwards.
This pattern of stimulus and response is parallel to the way that a shepherd might train his sheepdog .
The dog was a mutt that looked like a cross between a sheepdog and a poodle.
He helped look after the sheep of eight farmers which meant early starts and braving cold, biting winter winds, often with only the company of a sheepdog .
Dogs and sheep don't mix well, unless it's a highly trained sheepdog and in our experience owners have not been too careful where their animals leave their trademark.
A shepherd watched his flock through binoculars and his sheepdog watched from the back of the quadbike.
The breeds from which the sheepdog sprang are not identified, though some people maintain that Scotch bearded collies played a significant role in the sheepdog 's development.
It's like being a sheepdog on a sensitivity training course these days.