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sheep / овца, баран, овчина
имя существительное
sheep, ewe, jumbuck, mutton
ram, sheep, mutton
sheepskin, lambskin, sheep, budge
имя существительное
a domesticated ruminant animal with a thick woolly coat and (typically only in the male) curving horns. It is kept in flocks for its wool or meat, and is proverbial for its tendency to follow others in the flock.
Chickens and turkeys were kept both for their eggs and meat just as sheep provided wool and meat.
a person who is too easily influenced or led.
the party members had become sheep, and she refused to be taken in
a person regarded as a protected follower of God.
And amid all this we are to preach the gospel of salvation, gathering in the lost sheep of Christ till the church is complete.
How many different ways can you write that the American people are a bunch of clueless sheep , led by some very cynical swine?
The head of the parish and the leader of our services was the pastor and we, the congregation, were his sheep , or the ‘flock’.
Today, Merino wool is taken from sheep and lambs in Australia and New Zealand as well.
Chickens and turkeys were kept both for their eggs and meat just as sheep provided wool and meat.
The Good Shepherd could afford to rejoice in the lost sheep that was found; His sheep did not pose a risk of legal liability.
I'm just thankful to my bended knees that the stoned out, easily influenced hippie sheep of the day didn't buy more copies of it.
That's all Caribbean politicians do, lead the sheep of state.
Of course not - everyone feels sorry for him, but we don't wander round beating our chests and wailing like the easily led sheep of Liverpool do…
He didn't say only the sheep whose parents make smart choices.
Ultimately, we will become more like Jesus himself, who never tired of seeking his lost sheep .