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shed / сарай, навес, депо
имя существительное
barn, shed, depot, hangar, fleapit
canopy, shed, overhang, awning, sunshade, tent
depot, shed
shed, spill
spill, shed, slop, run, slop out, slop over
pour, shed, cast, rain, run, found
имя прилагательное
spilled, shed, poured, spilt
сбросивший покров
имя существительное
a simple roofed structure, typically made of wood or metal, used as a storage space, a shelter for animals, or a workshop.
With judgment like that, would you trust any of these gentry to put a roof on your garden shed ?
park (a vehicle) in a depot.
(of a tree or other plant) allow (leaves or fruit) to fall to the ground.
both varieties shed leaves in winter
she had; she would.
When her son was a small boy she'd take him to the park at the end of their street to play.
a garden shed
The whaling canoes are stored in a wooden shed , idle for the past six years.
At night, all the dogs are taken inside the house, while the cattle have a shed to sleep in.
Most of the deciduous trees have shed their leaves by mid-December.
a shed is required for the three engines
In female pattern hair loss, when the affected hair is shed , the root grows one in its place that is shorter.
He quickly shed his clothes and climbed gratefully into a bed that hadn't been used in too long, turning on his side so his back was to the darkened glass.
The machinery shed actually got built and even the inside is 95% finished.
a shed is required for the three shunt engines
many firms use relocation as an opportunity to shed jobs