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shebang / притон, дело, вещь
имя существительное
den, stash, shebang, haunt, dive, joint
case, business, matter, point, deal, shebang
thing, article, object, work, entity, shebang
имя существительное
a matter, operation, or set of circumstances.
the Mafia boss who's running the whole shebang
a rough hut or shelter.
Their only protections from the sun were ‘ shebangs ,’ improvised shelters constructed from blankets, rags, and pine boughs, or dug into the hard, red Georgia clay.
Three film-makers will document the whole shebang on-site at the Theatre Plaza.
I have tried to eat healthier, drink plenty of water, exercise and the whole shebang .
She found out more about the whole shebang over the course of the conference, signed up and soon she was the Chair Entity (seriously).
CBS will broadcast the whole shebang on December 21.
But Halloween is a new import from America, along with the whole shebang of decorations, customs and commercial opportunities that accompany it.
We're out of it; they said the same about that New York team after game two of the World Series, and the Highlanders came back to win the whole shebang .
In any case, even if something did start off the whole shebang , the thing might no longer exist.
Due to general fatigue and increased business for the organizers' artist agency, next year the whole shebang will last but a weekend.
The Russians pointed out that if they made their bullets the same diameter as the inside of the cartridge case and their barrels to match, then the whole shebang would work better.
the Mafia boss who's running the whole shebang