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sheathe / обшивать, заключать в оболочку, вкладывать в ножны
sheathe, bind, welt, edge, border, bound
заключать в оболочку
вкладывать в ножны
sheathe, scabbard
put (a weapon such as a knife or sword) into a sheath.
He stuffed the package into his pocket and sheathed his knife, wiping off the blood and brain matter on the back of Nick's shirt.
These are just heaps of noble materials sheathing insignificant forms and insipid patterns or inappropriate functions that could have been rejected.
Clumsily, he sheathed both of his swords and turned to get Vincent and Emma.
In all, 19 pages guide you - from locating and pouring of footings, to building the structure, sheathing the roof with cedar shingles, and topping it off with a decorative cupola.
She carves from wood, then sheathes her forms in various metals, bringing both organic and cultural life cycles into play.
The exterior of the building is sheathed in embossed and perforated copper panels.
I followed shortly after him after sheathing the knife, and Monique, after having a brief word with the bartender, returned last.
His feet were sheathed in black, silk socks while a black bow tie hung undone around his neck.
The women are all sheathed in such tight dresses that they have trouble walking to the stage.
He sheathed the newly gotten sword and placed it in the box once again.
Kerra paused at the edge of her driveway, fear sheathing her heart in ice.