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sheath / оболочка, ножны, футляр
имя существительное
shell, casing, skin, sheath, envelope, membrane
sheath, scabbard
case, sheath, casing, cover, housing, wallet
имя существительное
a close-fitting cover for something, especially something that is elongated in shape, in particular.
He pulled the knife from its sheath and the blade glistened in the late day sun.
He unstrapped the thin silver sword from the sheath of the porcelain blade.
Films of silica act like the plastic sheath on copper cable, since silica is insulating.
I pulled the sword out of the sheath , the silver blade glittering in the moonlight.
a tight sheath of black and gold lurex
Deep fascia provides muscle fibers with a protective outer sheath , and helps connect muscle to bone by way of ligaments.
He removed the sword from its gleaming sheath and stared at the blade.
Shaking his head at the stupidity of his thoughts, he pulled the sword from its sheath and swung the blade experimentally.
Out of school, Scouts and fishermen would wear a sheath knife on a belt - I still remember my 4-inch blade in its sheath with the Scout logo.
There was a brown leather belt tied around her waist and it had a place for a dagger sheath and a sword sheath .