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shears / ножницы, двунога, режущая машина
имя существительное
scissors, shears, shear, pair of scissors, clippers, snip
режущая машина
имя существительное
a cutting instrument in which two blades move past each other, like scissors but typically larger.
garden shears
имя существительное
a strain in the structure of a substance produced by pressure, when its layers are laterally shifted in relation to each other.
Neither the normal stress nor the frictional shear stress acting on the cone tip surface is uniformly distributed.
cut the wool off (a sheep or other animal).
One notable exception is that only women shear sheep and only men shear goats.
break off or cause to break off, owing to a structural strain.
the derailleur sheared and jammed in the rear wheel
If you have a few plants indoors, use narrow-bladed pruning shears to prune and shape.
Make sure your cutting tools are sharp; use barber shears or shears with serrated blades.
The disease causes a reduction in yield and is transmitted through infected cuttings, shears and other implements, as well as infected soil and water.
His hair was longer; it looked like it had been trimmed with a blade instead of shears .
A goose is a tailor's iron; a donkey is a special board used for pressing sleeves and the shears are tailoring scissors.
garden shears
Trim excess stem with scissors or pruning shears .
He wrote about scissors and shears in the September 1999 issue of The Chronicle.
Something as mundane as getting a haircut becomes a risk factor in a prison setting when the barber does not sterilize shears between cuttings.
Cutting with spinning blades instead of the shears creates a lot of dust.