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she-devil / она дьявол
имя существительное
a malicious or spiteful woman.
Treacherous, sneaky, conniving she-devils - the lot of them.
She is a nastily neurotic newly unemployed she-devil obsessed with weight, beauty, and things unnamed.
I should warn you that the picture starts out slow, but I assure you that it soon accelarates like a thrill-crazed she-devil behind the wheel of a souped-up sportscar.
This way, she would be able to argue with the she-devil in private.
He had finally left the clutch of the she-devil and now he would be forced to work with her?
‘We just save you from the clutches of the she-devil ,’ Nate said angrily, ‘and this is how you thank us?’
They might have cheerfully stomped her to death had not the dates sequestered the squirming she-devil .
Little did I know that by listening to the little devil on my shoulder, I would meet and spend time with one bad little she-devil for the evening.
That she-devil is outside; I heard her howling.
This subversive Toronto she-devil has been conducting a clever art stunt.
What exactly was going on between you and the she-devil ?