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she / она, та, которая
she, it
та, которая
имя существительное
woman, female, she, wife, old woman, feminine
female, doe, she, mate, bitch
used to refer to a woman, girl, or female animal previously mentioned or easily identified.
my sister told me that she was not happy
имя существительное
a female; a woman.
is that a he or a she?
a written representation of “he or she” used as a neutral alternative to indicate someone of either sex.
Ireland was restless and she would be for some time
it is she
This was the Danish ship Flora, and she steamed straight for the anchored Gwladmena.
I was aboard the St. Roch shortly before she sailed for the Northwest Passage
The crew had raced out and were able to get them off the ship before she sank.
Last year Lauren had to pull out because she had an accident on her bicycle shortly before the event.
So, losing no time, the organisers wrote to Michele and told her that she had won.
He had seen his future wife Nancy when she was only 13 and decided at once that she was the only girl for him.
The ship is now in the Falklands where she has taken over from HMS Dumbarton Castle.
she who must be obeyed