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shaving / бритье, стружка, шевингование
имя существительное
shaving, shave
shavings, chip, shaving, flakes, filings, shave
имя существительное
a thin strip cut off a surface.
she brushed wood shavings from her knees
the action of shaving.
Tonight, being Halloween, is one of those nights when you can be glad if you live in a flat and the kids can't get to your front door to spray shaving foam through your letterbox.
cut the hair off one's face with a razor.
he washed, shaved, and had breakfast
cut (a thin slice or slices) from the surface of something.
scrape a large, sharp knife across the surface, shaving off rolls of very fine chocolate
pass or send something close to (something else), missing it narrowly.
Scott shaved the post in the 29th minute
Messages of congratulation are written in shaving gel across the bathroom mirror.
But I looked up at him, and caught myself staring at his hands, still lathering and removing excess shaving cream, and preparing his razor to remove it.
Being a bloke has many perks, but shaving is not one of them.
Attire is simple - your favorite pajamas - and there is no shaving , waxing or plucking required.
Exactly when I started shaving has slipped my mind, but it was in my early teens, so I've been doing it for close to a quarter century.
I don't know what other shaving bloggers think, but I've found that simply changing the blade on my razor frequently is the easiest route to getting a close shave.
Unfortunately, this isn't very much shaving cream.
In my dream, I got angry: hey, shaving was a metaphor, bub.
I was ordered to do all my bathing and shaving and other ablutions upstairs in the most distant bathroom.
To me, it's easy to recognize one of the fundamental reasons why hair cutting and shaving was sexualized: through religion, the great subversive architect of kink.