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shaver / бритва, паренек, юнец
имя существительное
razor, shaver, razor blade
lad, chappy, laddie, chappie, shaver
youngster, stripling, chicken, cub, shaver, shaveling
имя существительное
an electric razor.
In his new post, he oversees all functions of lighters, shavers , writing instruments and white-out correction products.
a young lad.
little shavers and their older brothers
The lens and tip are checked for scratches, and the tip is checked for chips that may have resulted from a collision with a shaver or other instrument.
Once more put the shaver away in its designated place, wedged between a tall bottle of cologne and a can of shaving cream.
My own boy-hood was one of the best any American could have had, for I was a plucky young shaver who engaged in nothing but the most wholesome and vigorous activities!
It was a keen disappointment, as I was hoping to see both little N. Aeschylus and Miss Fiske for the very first time, and I wanted the little shaver to play Baby Jesus in our traditional Nativity pantomime tableau.
Many of the electrical goods we use today such as the electric iron, shaver , vacuum cleaner and washing machine were invented in the early part of the 20th century.
I know one officer who nearly strangled his son because he caught him using his shaver , for fear he might cut himself.
He grinned and waved an instrument at me that I soon realised closely resembled a shaver .
They included smoker's tooth powder, his shaver and polythene bags full of medications and the dreadful Brut aftershave.
Sure, his side is full of young shavers , but surely they are old enough to be able to regulate their bladders by now, we hope.
In case someone wants a late start, the things to associate with Dads are electronics, cameras, DVD players, mobile phones, shavers , of course all packaged with special offers.