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shaven / выбритый
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
a boy with a shaven head
If you take him back to that week in March when his career was resurrected, he'll shake his shaven head and tell you he still pinches himself.
Four females entered and Eleanor, to her shock, saw that their heads were shaven bald.
The tallest attacker had a shaven head and a black eye.
The audience had the usual haircuts, shaven or spiky, and the same tastes in branded designer gear.
Another was of stocky build, with short dark shaven hair.
The other is shorter with a shaven head whose five o'clock cranial shadows tell you precisely where he was balding anyway, and a serious nose.
He was shaven bald and was wearing gold pants which seemed to be made of a lion's skin.
He had short, black hair, a goatee beard and a shaven left eyebrow.
He had short brown shaven hair, was clean-shaven, of medium but muscular build and was wearing casual clothing.
A discussion on why he now has a shaven head is a case in point.