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shattering / разрушительный, звонкий
имя прилагательное
destructive, devastating, disruptive, destroying, ruinous, shattering
voiced, ringing, sonorous, sonant, vocal, shattering
имя прилагательное
very shocking or upsetting.
he found it a shattering experience
break or cause to break suddenly and violently into pieces.
bullets riddled the bar top, glasses shattered, bottles exploded
upset (someone) greatly.
everyone was shattered by the news
I can only begin to imagine the shattering impact of the killing on local people.
There may come to us some shattering calamity or dreadful disappointment or some moral failure.
Rather predictably, the adoption of a much more rhetorically republican tone by the Irish government produced a shattering blow to such hopes.
He and his wife had suffered a shattering blow when their only daughter died in the crash of a small plane.
However, the contender did manage some shattering attacks of his own.
I received some shattering news: My story was rejected.
We will win victories we cannot now imagine, and live through shattering defeats.
They need to bounce back from the shattering blow of defeat at the weekend at Hull City.
At this stage in their development, the camera focuses on the parents' reaction to the shattering news.
The one thing I certainly wasn't prepared for was the shattering news that I was in perfect health.