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shatter / поколебать, разрушать, раздробить
shake, shatter, stagger
destroy, ruin, break, break down, disrupt, shatter
shatter, crush down
имя существительное
chip, fragment, piece, stump, splinter, shatter
splinter, fragment, chip, fraction, shatter, flake
break or cause to break suddenly and violently into pieces.
bullets riddled the bar top, glasses shattered, bottles exploded
upset (someone) greatly.
everyone was shattered by the news
I brought my foot down with full force on the glass and heard it shatter into millions of pieces.
If she touched her, she was worried the child might break, shatter into a million pieces at the shock of the touch in her personal space.
Scarlet felt her heart break in two and shatter into pieces.
We must destroy before they shatter our being with their ignorance.
An individual may need a crisis to shatter his ego and thereby overwhelm the yetzer hara.
Out of nowhere, the glass from the windows shatter and the front door is broken.
At the outset, dishonesty in individuals may shatter the sense of loyalty, honesty and responsibility and destroy the foundation of social justice.
the crisis will shatter their confidence
the crisis will shatter their confidence
The crisis threatens to shatter the opposition party's bid to retain its status as the majority party in the parliamentary elections.