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shareholder / акционер, держатель акций, пайщик
имя существительное
shareholder, stockholder, sharer
держатель акций
shareholder, partner
имя существительное
an owner of shares in a company.
As rumours of a buyout surface once more, should shareholders sell or sit tight?
If you want to go to the shareholder meetings, you may have to get your broker to certify that you're a shareholder .
As a leading shareholder , he wields power and influence himself, and has not been afraid to use it.
He is a property developer and a shareholder in and director of a number of companies.
It is difficult to see why a substantial shareholder like Smyth should agree to this type of a bid.
The important point in this is that with you being its shareholder , the investment trust has to put you first.
In addition, the state remained the majority shareholder in most privatized companies.
It requested that the Independent should divest itself of its shareholding in that particular newspaper.
The issue of bonus shares is not regarded as value received if the individual shareholding is not increased.
Consequently, any boss who puts his shareholders above his own ego should be applauded.
The rise in earnings per share was the result of share buy-backs from minority shareholders .