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shard / надкрылье
имя существительное
elytron, sherd, shard, elytrum, sheath, wing-case
имя существительное
a piece of broken ceramic, metal, glass, or rock, typically having sharp edges.
shards of glass flew in all directions
She gave him her hand, and he looked down at the small cut that had protruding from it a tiny shard of glass.
Chris flinched away from the shards of glass, but the window remained intact and transparent.
There was a smell of burnt rubber and shards of glass littered the pub entrance.
Windows were shattered and shards of glass littered the scorched pavement.
The restaurant was gutted by the blast, while shards of glass covered the street.
It sent shards of broken window glass flying and tossed rows of chairs across the terminal.
Saying that shards of broken glass are razor sharp is an understatement.
The shards of glass that have fallen inside the booth rattle in sympathy with the grinding percussive rhythm.
And they say that the broken shards of glass missed his jugular vein by inches.
There were men, all with their faces covered, tidying the shards of glass from the hall.