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shapeless / бесформенный
имя прилагательное
formless, shapeless, unformed, amorphous, malformed, unshapely
имя прилагательное
(especially of a garment) lacking a distinctive or attractive shape.
women in shapeless cotton dresses
Laid out on the bed was a long sleeved, shapeless , faded black dress with patches at the bottom.
The youngest was skinny and shapeless in a flowery dress.
Her clothing was shapeless and indistinct, a dark covering that did little more than drape over her shoulders.
She was wearing the most shapeless bag of a dress, more of a cloth sack, actually, and was pressing her books to her chest, humming as she walked to school.
She was almost embarrassed by the plain, shapeless white dress she wore.
In addition there was a fellow in a brown bowler hat, another in a shapeless cloth cap with a peak, and both added their encouragements, turning to Waistcoat in a laconic collusion.
The new download world will hopefully see an end to those shapeless 20-track CD monsters that seemed to equate quality with amount, as if you weigh music by the kilo.
Russia is no longer the land of shapeless shifts and ill-fitting polyester shirts.
I myself wore a shapeless dress that appeared to be yellowing with age, but was actually intended to be that colour.
Ferran has cropped the images and displayed the women anonymously: shapeless , uniformed midsections reflecting stolen identities.