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shape-shifter / оборотень
имя существительное
(chiefly in fiction) a person or being with the ability to change their physical form at will.
Well, you see… I'm a shape-shifter , and I looked like someone else when you saw me.
I am Millennia, the shape-shifter and the seer.
Your father was a magician, though I can't be sure how powerful unless I see your spells working, and your mother is a shape-shifter .
What is more, Spider-Man's enemies and locations will reflect the local customs and mythologies, beginning with Rakshasa, a mythical shape-shifter who will replace the Green Goblin.
The dreamer or dream-ego is an inveterate shape-shifter .
The club was visited by the occasional shape-shifter , werewolf, or good vampire.
A puca is an Irish shape-shifter or else it is a ghost.
Sam seems to have been an exquisite survivor, a charming shape-shifter , a talented and highly successful magician, acrobat and showman.
Since Jupiter desires the wife, Mercury advises the senior shape-shifter to assume the husband's form after having a nation declare war on Thebes to draw the commander away from home.
Chinese myths are stuffed with shape-shifters , dragons and half-human creatures.