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shanty / лачуга, хибарка, пивная
имя существительное
shack, hovel, hut, shanty, shebang, hole
shack, hut, shanty, shebang, bothy, hutch
pub, brasserie, alehouse, beerhouse, porterhouse, shanty
жить в лачуге
имя существительное
a small, crudely built shack.
They were replaced by shanties and shacks built of nothing more than clapboard or wattle and daub with dark and threatening alleyways between.
His house is roofless and a small shanty next to it serves as a shelter.
It's a fascinating remnant of a little-known corner of history - a shanty sung by black ocean-going sailors, lamenting their unequal pay.
The musical form and melodic characteristics suggest the Anglo-Celtic and African influences of the multinational workforce that sang the shanty .
It spins to the music of Christine, music tormentingly cheerful like some mad maiden's shanty for a sailor gone away to sea.
The best moment of this set is the interlude between Scenes 2 and 3 in Act One, with the sound of moonlight on the water, the gentle heaving of the terrifying sea, and sailors below-decks keeping their courage up singing by sea chanteys .
A recent recruit from Liverpool who joined his Stafford Street office was welcomed with a few jaunty choruses from a sea shanty .
Moreover, for at least thirty years, Portland had two Chinatowns, one an urban community of brick structures and the other one a vegetable-gardening community of wooden huts and shanties .
Sometimes when we were mopping the deck, an activity in which Catherine and Nicholas were exempted from, the two would dance around singing the sea chantey that Patch, the singer of the group, had taught us a few days before.
As Noel kept up a commentary on his life in the aborigine reservations, he also showed pictures of how tin shanties and flimsy tents were the ‘homes’ of the aborigines for the better part of the 20th century.
Caught off guard, Olive stared open mouthed at the newcomer as he kept singing his sea shanty in a rich baritone voice, oblivious to his audience.