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shandy / смесь простого пива с имбирным или с лимонадом
имя существительное
beer mixed with a nonalcoholic drink (typically lemonade).
She normally drank shandy , but vodka did not seem inappropriate in the circumstances (in fact, I wished I'd asked for a double Southern Comfort myself, no soda, no ice).
I'm sure that the majority of real detectives have no more than the occasional half of shandy and live in domestic bliss, and are not haunted by the victims of crimes they could not solve.
Whenever the smoke of the grill became unbearable I would stand in the car park with a lime and lemonade, or sometimes a shandy , and she would look up from her book and smile.
a shandy would be nice
Ray arrived and ordered a pint of shandy , Mark looked at him strangely and then noticed the car keys Ray had put on the bar.
I also like a Pimms in the summer, and sometimes a shandy , but that's not very cool, is it!
The plot flushes through your head faster than a pint of shandy .
He'd obviously had a half too much of shandy , though.
The brain associates completing the arduous learning task with the reward of a vigorous hand shandy .
Perhaps we were the lucky ones, celebrating our adolescence with a pierced ear and a can of shandy , challenging the system by daring to let our hair touch our collars and wearing non regulation shoes to school.
a pint of lager shandy