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shamefaced / стыдливый, застенчивый, робкий
имя прилагательное
shamefaced, shy, blushing, blushful, pudent
shy, timid, diffident, bashful, blushing, shamefaced
timid, shy, fearful, sheepish, gingerly, shamefaced
имя прилагательное
feeling or expressing shame or embarrassment.
all the boys looked shamefaced
Feeling remarkably like a shamefaced puppy, she trod reluctantly into the kitchen and gave them both that icy what-the-hell-do-you-want look she'd perfected by ninth grade.
‘I know,’ she said, a little shamefaced , ‘but I must take a picture of this.’
They narrowed at Adam, but they didn't contain their previous venom, and Adam glared right back at her, and she turned away, shamefaced .
But she did give notice to Miss Wundt who, having taken her room as a single lady, had different men coming out of it in the mornings and could often be heard screaming insults after them as they made their shamefaced way down the stairs.
‘Well, I, uhm, don't know what I'm going to tell Ricky,’ I admit, shamefaced .
Anyone lighting fireworks in a public place faces arrest and prosecution, so let's look forward to a few shamefaced souls in court.
But Nick was already looking shamefaced and cold.
It is the scientific community and the government's somewhat shamefaced approach to animal research that allows activists to make their impact.
Next day the shamefaced deputies of the Riksdag were forced to walk between lines of troops with fixed bayonets to assemble in a Parliament Hall surrounded by field guns, each with an artillerist standing behind it with a lighted taper.
‘Sorry Mrs. Young,’ chorused the others dully, looking slightly shamefaced , and Jesse redder than before.