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sham / притворство, подделка, притворщик
имя существительное
pretense, hypocrisy, sham, dissimulation, affectation, act
fake, forgery, counterfeit, falsification, fraud, sham
pretender, dissembler, simulant, sham, feigner, dissimulator
имя прилагательное
counterfeit, forged, spurious, bogus, faked, sham
false, counterfeit, phony, faked, sham, hokey
pretend, act, feign, dissemble, play, sham
simulate, pretend, feign, sham, assume, dissimulate
pretend, sham, play, simulate, fake, act
имя существительное
a thing that is not what it is purported to be.
the proposed legislation is a farce and a sham
имя прилагательное
bogus; false.
a clergyman who arranged a sham marriage
falsely present something as the truth.
was he ill or was he shamming?
But it also suggests a capacity to distance himself from the world and its sham enthusiasms, and lends an unconscious edge to his portrayal of it.
It is hardly surprising that King was a spinster considering that she spoke contemptuously of the ‘hollow sham called matrimony’ in a letter to a recently married sister.
People have always had fun that you weren't an actress, that this was all some sort of sham .
Clearly, a sham intent, a false intent, will give the matter away.
The manager rudely tells him that it was a sham marriage and that his wife wants him to get lost so she can annul it.
In fact, he states baldly that ‘Digital certificates provide no actual security; it's a complete sham .’
Second, Barnes agreed with South Carolina editor Z. T. Cody who ‘called the whole signing up business sham and hypocrisy.’
Those aspirations may represent genuine goals to be worked toward, or amount to sham and pretence, a shallow disguise of radically different and less admirable state purposes and methods.
Yet Pétain was no such thing; he was a lifelong soldier and a genuine war hero, rather than some preening sham in jackboots.
What is the difference between that submission and the submission about sham ?