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shaky / шаткий, дрожащий, сомнительный
имя прилагательное
shaky, wobbly, wonky, rickety, flimsy, unsteady
quivering, shaky, quavering, tremulous, quaking, vibrating
doubtful, dubious, questionable, uncertain, equivocal, shaky
имя прилагательное
shaking or trembling.
she managed a shaky laugh
Some were very shaky and unstable, others were convoluted, and a few were both!
My legs felt weak, my body shaky , and I wasn't sure whether I was hot or cold.
In fact, the board's support for a spring academic freedom conference has been shaky , making the organising quite precarious.
I took a shaky breath and with a trembling hand, I took out the paper once more, my eyes skimming over the quickly written words.
When they parted, the two gave a small, shaky , yet happy laugh.
It's two in the afternoon, now, and I still feel shaky and weak.
Instead, from what I could make out over the music, her voice sounded shaky and weak.
In Orchestra Rehearsal, the quaking building manifests the orchestra's shaky social ground.
A shaky laugh bubbles past his lips, and dizzy words start tumbling out of him.
I shook my head, pointing a shaky finger towards the box.