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shakedown / вымогательство, импровизированная постель
имя существительное
extortion, blackmail, racketeering, racket, exaction, shakedown
импровизированная постель
имя существительное
a radical change or restructuring, particularly in a hierarchical organization or group.
the shakedown of the Bank of England in the fall of 1992
a makeshift bed.
You stay locked in your cell 24-7 until the shakedown is over.
the high-orbit shakedown of the lunar module had its merits
But now that the shakedown has happened, we will see more strategically focused companies coming out on top.
The goons, the oilmen, the shakedown and the cover-up.
Saying they smelled a shakedown , shareholders, who are usually wiped out in a bankruptcy, also jumped to its defense.
As we frolic our way through Week Three, keep these helpful tips in mind; they'll get you through the madness before the shakedown .
It will focus on current trends in the industry, the international shakedown in the technology market and how financiers now view digital media investments.
The market went through something of a shakedown as providers realised their initial promises were expensive to maintain as usage grew.
What you may see, as a result of this shakedown , is an end to the false house price inflation that we saw in some sections of the south Dublin market last year.
No amount of reason or abuse would shake them from this shakedown .