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shagged / трахать, делать косматым, разрывать землю
fuck, shag, knock, bonk, knock off
делать косматым
разрывать землю
имя прилагательное
they were too shagged to do any cleaning
chase or catch (fly balls) for practice.
At the few other games I went to by myself, I also saw him in the outfield talking with teammates while they shagged fly balls.
have sexual intercourse with (someone).
Am pretty much shagged and ready to go back to bed.
The old Post Office is about shagged and courier companies on an ever-increasing basis are sending even parcels.
‘Cowen is their darling,’ the source said, ‘and they know that he's shagged if it goes down.’
I arrived at her door at around 6 am, shagged and fagged, frozen to the bone, anxious for sleep.
He's too shagged to swagger, but he'll stroll and stare.
He said he was tired, but we were quite impressed as he didn't look as shagged out as we thought he would after all that cycling.
Coldplay were excellent but I was beginning to get a bit shagged out by then.
Am feeling a bit tired and shagged out today as, in response to a cry of need, I played football yesterday.
I had tried to veer away from footie in the last few weeks as the season had taken its toll on me and I was a bit shagged out .
He just swims at top speed around the tank and then lies shagged out on the bottom for ages.