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shag / трахать, делать косматым, разрывать землю
fuck, shag, knock, bonk, knock off
делать косматым
разрывать землю
имя существительное
hair, shag, chevelure
makhorka, shag
баклан хохлатый
имя прилагательное
shaggy, rough, bushy, shag, chunky, mope-headed
shaggy, shag, rough, hirsute, ragged, mope-headed
имя существительное
a carpet or rug with a long, rough pile.
wall-to-wall shag carpet
a thick, tangled hairstyle or mass of hair.
her hair was cut short in a boyish shag
a coarse kind of cut tobacco.
He stood up and went to the side-table and selected a pipe from his rack, and then went to the Persian slipper near the fireplace that held his shag tobacco .
a western European and Mediterranean cormorant with greenish-black plumage and a long curly crest in the breeding season.
Although the majority of shags , unlike many cormorants, do not normally wander far in winter from their breeding haunts, a small number make prolonged stays on the Norfolk coast.
a dance originating in the US in the 1930s and 1940s, characterized by vigorous hopping from one foot to the other.
chase or catch (fly balls) for practice.
At the few other games I went to by myself, I also saw him in the outfield talking with teammates while they shagged fly balls.
have sexual intercourse with (someone).
When Melissa opened her eyes, she was alone in the carpeting, drowning in brown shag .
I've trimmed my hair - an attractive self-executed shag - and lightened it with some drugstore color.
a shag cut
The carpet appeared to be yellow shag , which felt cool when Iroka swung her feet off the bed and onto the floor.
a shag pile
her hair was cut short in a boyish shag
Their $2000-a-night lodge apparently contained such delights as '70s-style furniture, pastel shag carpets, an indoor sauna and Jacuzzi tub.
While I was allowed to ‘express myself‘by choosing bright orange shag carpet, she did draw the line in some cases.
He was tall, taller than Candice, and he had dark black hair that fell into perfect shag .
I've never complained to our landlord about the lump in the hallway shag that weeps blood when you step on it.