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shack / лачуга, хижина, будка
имя существительное
shack, hovel, hut, shanty, shebang, hole
hut, cabin, shack, cottage, crib, cot
booth, shack, cabin, cab, cope
live, dwell, stay, reside, exist, shack
reside, indwell, shack, shack up, tarry, bide
cohabit, shack, sleep, make
имя существительное
a roughly built hut or cabin.
In tents, shacks , log cabins and frame dwellings, pioneers gathered together for protection.
move in or live with someone as a lover.
This guy's wife is living in an upstate trailer while her ex-husband is shacking up with his buddy's widow.
It was more of a shack than a house, but still, a living accommodation.
Where the status of a shack or a hut is concerned our concept of ‘house’ may simply fail to provide for a definite decision.
The only way to live is to shack up with losers whose natural life expectancy isn't much more than a mayfly on a good day.
Running around the sides of the shack is a roughly constructed porch, which can be reached via two short stairways.
Living with Alice is so much more harmonious, she added, that the two of them have discussed making it permanent rather than shacking up with any more men.
Even without seeing or experiencing the carnage first hand, its spirit floods the freeways and works its wounded presence into the pots and pans of the shacks and palaces nearby.
And if they weren't houses then they were apartment buildings, or department stores, or supermarkets, or malls, or office buildings, or warehouses, or shacks , or kiosks, or maybe even tents.
The buildings soon turned from downtown shamble shacks to upscale skyscrapers, apartments, and business buildings.
They were replaced by shanties and shacks built of nothing more than clapboard or wattle and daub with dark and threatening alleyways between.
Plus, he and Sam are definitely full-tilt shacked up again so I think that he's staying at her place.