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seychelles / seychelles
сейшельские острова
Сейшельские острова
имя существительное
a country that consists of a group of about 90 islands in the Indian Ocean, about 600 miles (1,000 km) northeast of Madagascar; population 87,500 (est. 2009); capital, Victoria; languages, French (official), English, and Creole.
The island lies just to the north of Praslin (from where you will be picked up by boat), which offers a little of everything Seychellois - village life, glorious beaches, nature reserves and the Vallée de Mai World Heritage Site.
The following is a Seychellois proverb in the Creole language.
Most citizens, who are of mixed African and European descent, consider themselves Seychellois .
In order to reassert our rightful place in the tropical food chain, we decided to take a day off from diving, and charter the island's serious fish-hunting boat, Bijoutier, in pursuit of a Seychellois fish supper.
It can be said that the Mauritians and Seychellois are temporary residents on Diego Garcia.