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sexuality / сексуальность, различие полов
имя существительное
sexuality, sexiness, oomph
различие полов
имя существительное
capacity for sexual feelings.
she began to understand the power of her sexuality
Neither humans nor their sexuality can be treated as commodities.
In both cases the young girl is discouraged from being independent and exploring, let alone realizing, her capacities including her awakening sexuality .
It is very hard to know what sexuality would look like freed from the dominance of heterosexuality.
You should be judged on your abilities, not your sexuality .
She was especially upset over literature that deals with queer sexuality .
To them, sex and sexuality in any form other than a rigid husband-and-wife definition is dangerous.
The book leads to a new openness about gay sexuality in literature.
How does Isabelle's sexuality fit within the overall theme of the show?
That is why I've always been troubled by the conception of love and its connection to human relationships and sexuality .
Barker's plays are known for their fearless exploration of power, sexuality and human motivation.