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sexless / бесполый
имя прилагательное
asexual, sexless, neuter, epicene, agamic, neutral
имя прилагательное
lacking in sexual desire, interest, activity, or attractiveness.
I've no patience with pious, sexless females
neither male nor female.
the stylized and sexless falsetto
She wasn't female anymore, just a sexless thief.
Attired in bronze tights and leotards, with absurdly bad wigs on their heads, the seven dancers seem simultaneously naked and sexless .
If the characters are domesticated, if they never act impulsively and if they are almost sexless and sterile, then they represent no threat to the system.
The truth is, most of us shut off the sexual part of ourselves when we engage with the world, as though somehow, we can be completely sexless in every other area of our lives, and then suddenly flick on a sexy switch when we need it.
Pregnant women should not be treated as though they are sexless and off-limits, and certainly not all women who would use their pregnant status to entice devotees are vulnerable.
This was western art's first sexless nude, a body in motion, neither female nor male, rendered as a physicist or a stop-action photographer might see it, not as a painter was expected to.
As I continued to stare at my reflection, wearing that hideous mask and contemplating my sexless future, I actually started to hate myself.
You don't have to be drab and sexless , but color psychologists tell us that blue inspires trust.
Matthew wants to go into her room like a normal couple, but she's adamant in her regressive refusals, protecting her private sexless space, declaring that ‘no one's making love on my bed.’
Veronica has no regard for puritanical ideologies or passively sexless females in her quest for self-realization through sexual freedom.