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sewerage / канализация, канализационная система
имя существительное
sewage, sewerage, drainage, canalization, canalisation
канализационная система
The sewerage system had also collapsed, resulting in sewerage flowing into the streets.
a proper sewerage system
But people in the area also need an adequate sewerage system and they are waiting for the County Council to act.
The new school will attract families to the area, while the sewerage system will allow for further development.
But, there has been a problem with the sewerage system over a period of time.
Despite that, they were still optimistic that the sewerage treatment system would be in place by 2005.
Spokesman Patrick Killgallon said the high river level meant that water was being pushed back through the sewerage system.
Workers plan to strike and shut down the sewerage system if the allowance is not paid over the next several weeks.
The matter was raised when councillors discussed draft policies on the provision of sewerage schemes in villages.
A new underground pipe 130 metres long will connect the existing sewerage works with the holding tank.