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sever / разрывать, разъединять, перерезать
tear, break, burst, sever, disrupt, rend
disconnect, sever, dissociate, divide, separate, disunite
divide by cutting or slicing, especially suddenly and forcibly.
the head was severed from the body
Women are ordered to leave their homes and to sever contact with their mates.
The public is demanding that the political world sever its dirty connections with business without fail.
He managed to cut into the hand, but not far enough to sever the limb.
By that, I mean I shall sever all connections with this person.
the notice itself may be sufficient to sever the joint tenancy
Yesterday it said it intends to sever the relationship but maintained it was part of a wider review.
His decision to sever his links with the business will cause shock waves in financial circles.
Even if he faced a divorce from his wife, he didn't have to sever his relationship with his children.
Now, that, one would think, is sufficient to sever the relationship.
But now, it seems, she is ready to sever her material links with her home town.