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sevenfold / в семь раз
в семь раз
имя прилагательное
sevenfold, septuple
имя прилагательное
seven times as great or as numerous.
stock fund sales were up sevenfold from December
by seven times; to seven times the number or amount.
his rent had gone up sevenfold
France had not completed its goals, mostly because of the horrific costs of war, which had increased France's total government debt sevenfold .
Last year, 409 immigrants died trying to get across - a sevenfold increase since 1995.
A sevenfold increase in the risk of severe or moderate disability remained after birth weight and gestational age were controlled for.
To that end, NBC has paid Miss Robinson a hefty £1 million for 13 shows, a salary that could increase sevenfold if it is a long-term ratings winner.
But with the sevenfold expansion in the world economy over the last half-century, failing to address these market shortcomings and the economic distortions they create will lead to economic decline.
The numbers of those with mental health problems being sent to prison has increased sevenfold since the introduction of ‘care in the community’ policies, cutting back on specialist psychiatric provisions.
Within the past decade, the incidence of this bone disease in the United States increased sevenfold .
These devices have been shown to increase the risk for infection sevenfold .
He increased its income sevenfold in three years, but in 1986 he was accused of misusing his expense account.
The residential market for broadband access will be worth around $88 billion by 2007, an estimated sevenfold increase in revenue over the next five years.