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settlement / урегулирование, поселение, поселок
имя существительное
settlement, arrangement, adjustment
settlement, colony, location
settlement, township, habitation
имя существительное
an official agreement intended to resolve a dispute or conflict.
unions succeeded in reaching a pay settlement
a place, typically one that has hitherto been uninhabited, where people establish a community.
the little settlement of Buttermere
an arrangement whereby property passes to a succession of people as dictated by the settlor.
Once the church courts had agreed that the marriage should end, only a private Act of Parliament could give effect to property settlements and issues of succession.
the action or process of settling an account.
Otherwise, they won't make so much money out of me in spite of early settlement penalties.
subsidence of the ground or a structure built on it.
a boundary wall, which has cracked due to settlement, is to be replaced
On the other hand, the losses on contracts that require settlement in cash are accounted for as a charge in the income statement.
He tried to negotiate a settlement of the unfiled lawsuit.
The structures in this area all appear to be founded on bedrock and there is no evidence of subsidence or settlement .
The press has labelled the failed settlement a power-sharing agreement.
It assists in the peaceful settlement of disputes.
Fortunately, the government has put a stop to it and new loans taken out 1st June can only incur early settlement charges of, at most, two months interest.
With a train running past the site every two minutes, there was extensive monitoring of any ground settlement .
During the trial, the court once suggested the parties reach a friendly settlement , which the plaintiffs accepted in order to relieve the aging women, but the government rejected it.
English Heritage said Gallows Tamkin is suffering from structural settlement and English Heritage has advised the council on the appropriate steps to take.
It is very important, if this step is to be taken, that each spouse has sufficient investments in their own name to pass into the discretionary settlement on death.