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setter / сеттер, легавая, разводка
имя существительное
setter, pointer
swindle, skullduggery, spoof, setter, spoofery, cheat
имя существительное
a dog of a large, long-haired breed trained to stand rigid when scenting game.
Upon seeing the approaching beauty, the setter perks up and stands at attention.
a person or thing that sets something.
trend-setters in Hollywood
This was most evident in the 200 fly, in which 61-year-old Daniela Barnea of Stanford Masters was the only record setter .
A company that is an expert in the field of bar coding has gained accreditation from the industry's standard setter .
America's music industry has been, for decades, the world's standard setter .
The setter sniffed the sidewalk, then with a wag of her shaggy tail took off down the street.
If you have decided to be a strand style setter , enjoy the challenges, the hard work and the ultimate compliments and admiration for a style well designed.
The national record setter was Tressa-Ann Charles, whose recent high was attributed to a change of attitude and hard work.
As with any drop-eared dog, the setter 's closed ear canal can harbor dirt, wax and bacteria.
Upon seeing the approaching beauty, the setter perks up and stands at attention.
Their decision means the EU is de facto the primary standard setter in the area of European environmental policy.
He was the sole price setter , free to set marginal revenue equal to marginal cost, and free to set price far above marginal cost.