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set-to / шумная ссора, перебранка, схватка
имя существительное
шумная ссора
brawl, fracas, fray, flare-up, set-to
hassle, squabble, altercation, quarrel, exchange, set-to
bout, scramble, encounter, skirmish, grapple, set-to
имя существительное
a fight or argument.
we had a little set-to about her piano practicing
His set-to with the federal agency not only underscores the often misguided intent of arts funding, but the futility of conforming to other people's standards.
Returning to the painting course, he felt nothing for oil-on-canvas and had a set-to with tutors in his fourth year when he started painting on Formica panels.
And the show's roving reporter will inevitably look as if he has experienced a major set-to with the studio hairdresser before each episode.
we had a little set-to about her piano practicing
Having previously had a set-to about a similar issue with the particular gallery, I was disinclined to raise the issue.
I had a bit of a set-to with him and his mates last night so I came home by myself.
The USGA is party to the horrific set-to we face today.
Over the past few months Lea, already worth several million pounds, has been having a bit of a set-to with his US colleagues.
we had a little set-to in the pub
But set-tos at the tables of Cafe St Honore are a thing of the past as sophisticated French cuisine transforms it into a venue for fine dining