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set-aside / отложить, отставить, отменять
set aside, put aside, set down, hold over, prorogue
set aside
cancel, revoke, override, abolish, abrogate, repeal
cancel, annul, void, revoke, nullify, abrogate
reject, deny, refuse, repudiate, discard, override
имя существительное
the policy of taking land out of production to reduce crop surpluses.
As well as the cows we have five sheep on set-aside land and arable for feed.
a government contract awarded without competition to a minority-owned business.
His core component of municipal projects was minority business set-asides .
a portion of funds or other resources reserved for a particular purpose.
a set-aside for library services for Native Americans
Most of the land had been included in EU set-aside schemes and a riding school was operating on the remaining part of the farm.
Covering every acre of agricultural set-aside with short coppice willow and burning every scrap of carbon neutral forestry residue might scrape up another four per cent!
grants for providing public access to set-aside land
government subsidies could be an alternative to set-aside
Farmers needing to graze their animals on set-aside land should write to their Regional Service Centre for permission.
As well as the cows we have five sheep on set-aside land and arable for feed.
he has fifty acres of set-aside
Topping the question list was continued concern that farmers disadvantaged by the foot-and-mouth cull would fall foul of new environmental rules requiring set-aside on temporary grassland.
I believe farmers would benefit from tougher antitrust laws and probably from a voluntary set-aside program for major field crops.
he has fifty acres of set-aside