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session / сессия, заседание, сеанс
имя существительное
meeting, session, sitting, proceedings, seance
session, seance, sitting, house
имя существительное
a meeting of a deliberative or judicial body to conduct its business.
After voting, they returned to their plenary sessions to discuss party business.
a period devoted to a particular activity.
gym is followed by a training session
A garden party for the members was held in the afternoon, followed by the first session of business.
In early September, after a binge drinking session , he collapsed in the street and was rushed by ambulance to York Hospital where he was treated and discharged.
We've organised a heavy drinking session for the weekend already.
legislation to curb wildcat strikes will be introduced during the coming parliamentary session
With limited time left until the end of the parliamentary session in November, the bill may be squeezed out by higher priorities.
One morning sore-headed from a Sunday drinking session , he was making up the children's packed lunches and saw pure fear in the eyes of his nine-year-old son.
I went along to a training session community activists had organised to help migrants who must live in the skyscrapers' shadows.
After three years and an excruciating studio session , Our Lady Peace are back.
in plenary session
Should we not put an end to the legislative ping-pong at the end of the parliamentary session by curbing the powers of the Lords and improving scrutiny in the Commons?