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servo / сервопривод, серводвигатель, сервомеханизм
имя существительное
servo, servomotor
servomotor, servo
servo, servomechanism
имя прилагательное
auxiliary, subsidiary, supporting, secondary, accessory, servo
имя существительное
relating to or involving a servomechanism.
hydraulic and electrical servo systems
hydraulic and electrical servo systems
The servo system is being built using state-of-the-art technology and will incorporate advanced control algorithms, he said.
The company's models 240 through 270 have manual controls, and the Model 280 uses servo controls.
The electrical servo drives are digitally controlled.
Further enhancements were achieved with Optware's servo system.
Without the generators on, the backup pump takes approximately three seconds to energize the servo .
The concept of ‘adaptive algorithms’ has been repackaged and quietly embedded into servo drive systems.
Computerized servos shift the helical gears and operate the wet clutches.
The servos are attached to the control shaft of the hydrostatic pump on each wheel.
I once again dismissed this because I knew the airplane had just been modified with some light servos .