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serving / порция, отбывание, подача
имя существительное
portion, serving, dose, helping, ration, feed
innings, supply, feed, feeding, submission, serving
имя прилагательное
служащий для подачи
имя существительное
a quantity of food suitable for or served to one person.
a large serving of spaghetti
perform duties or services for (another person or an organization).
Malcolm has served the church very faithfully
present (food or drink) to someone.
they serve wine instead of beer
deliver (a document such as a summons or writ) in a formal manner to the person to whom it is addressed.
a warrant was served on Jack Sherman
be of use in achieving or satisfying.
this book will serve a useful purpose
(in tennis and other racket sports) hit the ball or shuttlecock to begin play.
he tossed the ball up to serve
a large serving of spaghetti
a large serving of spaghetti
Nor does it mean that one serving of spinach is worth ten servings of peas.
Guests serve themselves, and replenish their servings with their own chopsticks.
Chips and ice cream will be rationed to one or two servings a week.
Andrew took two plates out of the cupboard and dished out servings for both of them.
Both items were served on hot plates, were large servings and were very good.
Try to eat at least the number of servings per day listed for each food group.
The average Chinese diet features hearty servings of all of these vegetables.
Laura began to cook more and often adjusted recipes to prepare one or two servings , instead of four or more.