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serviceman / военнослужащий, мастер по ремонту
имя существительное
serviceman, soldier
мастер по ремонту
serviceman, shopman, doctor
имя существительное
a man serving in the armed forces.
He believed every serviceman who survived the war came back a hero.
a person providing maintenance on machinery, especially domestic machinery.
At the information stall, it was raised that the machine servicemen were still working.
He believed every serviceman who survived the war came back a hero.
Here's a story of one American serviceman involved in the effort.
Does she not realise when we remember our fallen heroes it's not just those from the two world wars but every single serviceman and woman who has fallen during active service since then?
Four US Army troops, one US Air Force serviceman and a New Zealand officer died in Monday's incident.
Still, he, another local World War II serviceman , the late Harry Fox, and their new wives were fêted by the Seward congregation with a joint wedding shower.
But the general logic of this process should be clear to one and all, since the funding of the military establishment affects every serviceman and every military pensioner.
The appropriate social control secures the order of and framework for the activities of each serviceman , thus achieving the stability of the armed forces social structure.
As a result of the investigation, one Special Forces serviceman was charged with kicking a dead body.
Vinson, the son of a retired Air Force serviceman , was able to draw from a rich set of life experiences, including time spent living overseas, and a strong educational background to become a scholar.
Eighty-five-year-old pensioner Lex Morris took exception to his treatment by an electricity line maintenance serviceman , but is galled to find there is no way to stop him entering his Glanmire Road property.