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serve / служить, обслуживать, подавать
serve, minister, inure, beg, enure, answer
service, serve, maintain, cater for, attend, tend
feed, serve, submit, supply, give, lodge
имя существительное
innings, supply, feed, feeding, submission, serve
perform duties or services for (another person or an organization).
Malcolm has served the church very faithfully
present (food or drink) to someone.
they serve wine instead of beer
deliver (a document such as a summons or writ) in a formal manner to the person to whom it is addressed.
a warrant was served on Jack Sherman
be of use in achieving or satisfying.
this book will serve a useful purpose
(in tennis and other racket sports) hit the ball or shuttlecock to begin play.
he tossed the ball up to serve
имя существительное
(in tennis and other racket sports) an act or turn of hitting the ball or shuttlecock to start play.
he was let down by an erratic serve
the new regulations don't serve the interests of practitioners
councillors are elected to serve the public
This recipe makes enough to serve four as a main course, more as a side dish.
They went to the kitchens, and found the kitchen workers ready to serve cookies and drinks on the spot.
They have provided and maintained a fleet of 160 ambulances that serve remote areas of the Chernobyl region.
You don't have to eye up drinks I serve you suspiciously.
It is also customary to serve people food and drink when they visit a home.
I like to serve this dessert in individual glasses - wine glasses or tumblers are equally good.
statements like that don't serve our campaign
she turned to serve the impatient customer