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serum / сыворотка
имя существительное
serum, whey, serosity, thrusting
имя существительное
an amber-colored, protein-rich liquid that separates out when blood coagulates.
Blood products, sera , sperm, oocytes and embryos are not included.
The preimmune serum was collected 1 week before the first inoculation.
the researchers examined blood serum obtained from 471 heterosexual men and women
No staining was detected when the preimmune serum was used as a negative control.
The test liquid was said to approximate the surface tension of human serum .
The femoral marrow cells were flushed out with fetal bovine serum and smeared on clean slides.
Controls included omitting the primary antibody, using control rabbit serum as primary antibody, and omitting the secondary antibody.
doctors treated the bites of carpet vipers with serum produced from local snakes
Furthermore, antibodies to the region II domain of the protein are commonly detected in sera from individuals in endemic populations.
You could be making a fortune out of the drugs, serums and surgical hardware, and yet you have to stand on the sidelines and watch as US drug companies make a killing.
Pooled control sera had been collected from 321 adults positive to a few molds/microbes.