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serrated / зазубренный, зубчатый, пилообразный
имя прилагательное
jagged, serrated, notched, serrate, indented, castellated
toothed, notched, jagged, serrated, dentate, crenellated
serrated, sawtoothed, saw-edged
имя прилагательное
having or denoting a jagged edge; sawlike.
a knife with a serrated edge
Above, the serrated edge of the granite ridge cuts through the cobalt sky.
It's a ceramic sharpener that's capable of touching up even serrated edges.
Several times there came a harsh cry from hordes of goblin throats as they came charging out of the woods waving wicked looking black iron swords with serrated edges.
The stout bill is conical, with serrated edges in some species.
Randomly thrashing, the serrated edge of the hunter's knife cut a clean gash into the side of the beast's neck, letting loose a clean stream of crimson.
It's sharp, serrated edge gleamed in the late morning sunshine.
Glossy coats of enamel paint bead up on the panels' edges, creating subtly serrated perimeters.
I do use both plain and serrated blades often and the effectiveness of a serrated edge is unquestioned.
With her free hand, she whipped it into her back pocket and pulled out a wallet-sized black object with a serrated edge at the top.
We can only imagine what these serrated blades and shards of glass could do to the human body.